Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekly Count for 1/13 - 1/19

Hours with week:58
Goal: 496 hours of out 10,000

You know, I doubt anyone is actually reading this... for now this is more of a logbook of my progress. However, for any soul who is actually looking at this, the 58 hours I did this week all went into doing animation..or at least most of it did. I did a little rendering practice too. All of the hours I post here go toward animation, rendering, drawing, reading ect. Anything that is progessing me as an artist. My main goal right now is to become the best animator I can be, and so thats where most of my hours are going. They say it takes 10,000....

For those of you who have been checking on my progess will notice I have had a lot of bad weeks. Low hours, not much work to show, ect. However, I have taken away so much over the past couple of months. I have become not only a better artist, but a better human being. I am looking forward to next week.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekly Count for 12/23 -12/29

Hours with week:54
Goal: 380 hours of out 10,000

Move Forward.

Spline Progress on short film

Friday, December 27, 2013

Some work Dec 27, 2013

Weekly Count for 12/16-12/22

Hours with week:64
Goal: 326 hours of out 10,000

Learning new lessons. 
Move Forward.

Pose Practice (15-20 mins)

                                               Some work recorded on Dec 22,2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekly Count for 12/9 - 12/15

Hours with week:39
Goal: 262 hours of out 10,000

     Sorry for no update last week, my hours and work were so bad it would be an embarrassment to post it here. Seriously. Still struggling with  getting to another level. I know I said this before but....I really do feel like I am making some progress, at least mentally. Hopefully soon the results will  show....

Walk Cyle
Still a work in progress, some friends of mine gave me some good notes that I will do in the coming days.